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Planting Ideas

By: Divine Plants Online

30 Jan 17

Planting Ideas

Are you a bit of a property flipper or renovator?  Chances are, you focus more on the inside of the house than the outside.  But, you can increase the value of a house by up to 10% just by doing some garden work!  That’s right, the garden really does matter to any potential buyer, often more than even they realise.

When looking at any new property to flip, it’s important to check what you’re working with first.  If the soil is poor quality, there’s bad drainage, not enough sunlight, or there are rocks and roots all through the soil you may not be able to establish a good garden, or it may end up being much more expensive to do so.  When you’re checking out any potential property, have a good look at what you’re working with in the yard before buying.

Planting Ideas 1

Grass and pavers for small areas

Equally important is good use of space.  The size of your yard will determine what you can do with it.  Often people try to cram too much into a small space, making it look much smaller than it really is.  The key to making good use of small spaces is to use smaller plants or hedging around the edges of the area, check out our Limited Space section on our website for some great ideas, and leave the middle of the yard with just grass or pavers to expand the space.  By putting something large in the middle of the yard like a feature tree, water feature, or barbecue, you immediately make the yard look smaller.  With a medium or large sized yard, you can put something in the centre as a feature without any worries.  With a larger space, you can have large hedging or trees all around to give privacy to the home, check out our Hedges and Natives & Trees sections for suitable plants.  Sometimes in a medium sized or larger yard, something central as a feature can help tie the whole yard together.  With an unusual or awkward shaped or sized yard to work with, it may be best to contact a landscaper and ask for some ideas on how best to work with the space.

Planting Ideas 2

Hedge your bets and your fence! (Large Areas)

If you are redoing the whole yard, you have the freedom to do anything you want, and you’re not limited by pre-existing structures or plants.  If this is the case, something that will make your garden really special and tie everything together beautifully is a theme.  Yep, you read that right, a theme.  We’ve got a blog article on how to do a cottage garden, and keep your eyes open for our exciting upcoming blogs on how to accomplish other styles.  If you’re inspired by a tropical theme, just click on our Tropical category and have a browse.  We’ve done a few Facebook posts on our page on low maintenance plants and hardy plants if you’re looking for a more carefree gardening lifestyle.  There’s also the consideration of a kid friendly yard (or pet friendly) and you can check out our blog articles about adding whimsy to your yard, which contain some great ideas for making your yard kid friendly.

The theme is strong with these ones…

When you’re ready to plant, if you decide to plant any edible plants like herbs, a vegetable garden or some fruit trees, if you want things to thrive you may want to consider leaving some space in between everything for companion plants.  Companion plants are plants that work well together, for example some plants can attract good insects, while others will drive away bad ones, this website here: http://www.sgaonline.org.au/companion-planting/ has a really comprehensive list of companion plants for you to start with.  It’s definitely worth doing some research to keep your plants flourishing well into the future before you start planting them.

Often you need to consider what you can manage yourself, so don’t take on more than what you are capable of, and call in professionals when necessary.  No point throwing your back out or getting injured over something that you should’ve left to professionals, let them handle the tough and dangerous jobs.  In the same line of thought, if you plan to do more than just planting, for example moving the driveway, changing the fence, putting in a structure, it’s always important to check council regulations in your area.  You may need council approval and permits for some work before commencing, (and you don’t want to hit any underground water pipes while you’re working either) so avoid fines and check before you build.

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