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Refunds and Returns

We have multiple, stringent quality checks on all products and send out our plants in top condition, but if your order has been damaged in transit and has arrived in subpar condition, please take a photo as soon as possible, and email it to us at sales@divineplantsonline.com.au explaining the condition of your plants within 3 days. If you have sent us a photo of both the plant and packaging within 3 days, proof of purchase and we will give you a full refund on your purchase. Please do not return plants unless you have received written confirmation to do so from our staff. Given the stock is live and due to bio-security regulations, it is not possible for exchange of plants, so please take care when ordering.

Disclaimer: Please note that the plant size may vary according to the plant variety, growth habits and the season. We ensure that our plants that are sent are quality stock, ready for planting out. However, once the plant has been received, it is your responsibility for proper care and providing the right environment for the plant to flourish.


Orders placed will be dispatched for delivery in that week with consideration to weekend overlay. To avoid plants sitting in transit over the weekend, we may hold back plant orders received on Thursday or Friday if we are not confident that plant will arrive prior to the weekend.

As the plant is live, it is vital that the plant is watered immediately upon receipt. We recommend that the live plant be removed immediately upon receipt from the carton, watered and placed in a conducive environment. Please ensure detailed delivery information is supplied clearly on your order.

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