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Here are our most commonly asked questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to answer your enquiry.

Are you experiencing problems logging into our club page or checking out?

Unfortunately sometimes machines disappoint us all. If you’re having any problems, contact us and we’ll remedy the issue as soon as possible.

What are my delivery options and how long before my plants arrive?

We deliver through Australia Post to Victoria, New South Wales, ACT Queensland & South Australia. Carrier pigeon and flight by griffin is coming as soon as our government permits arrive. There is no pick up option due to our need to dispatch product from three states and numerous NIASA approved nurseries (and our griffins aren’t exactly the most sociable creatures). Delivery to each area differs in time. If you allow seven days for delivery, that will be sufficient for all areas but usually the plants arrive two days after dispatch.

What size will my plants be when they arrive?

We have three sizes in our product range – most plants will be in a 42mm plastic tube but some varieties will be in larger sized tubes up to 100mm high containers. Not familiar with tube stock sizing? Never fear, each plant listing is equipped with its own infographic picture to show you visually what sort of sizing to expect. All plants dispatched will have a good root structure and most plants are sun hardened which means they are grown in mainly full sun (Some species cannot be grown in full sun and are shade house grown). The plants will usually be about 150 - 250mm including the container.

Do you supply larger plants?

No – We specialize in tube stock plants and this allows us to send product at a reasonable shipping rate and timeframe. Larger plants can be sourced from some growers but not us (tears won’t help, we’re so sorry). Larger plants are generally more expensive so you can get “more bang for your buck” by buying tube stock. And they’re adorable: puppies are cuter than dogs, kittens than cats, goslings than geese, and by extension, tube stock is much cuter than buying big plants.

Tube stock plants are much cheaper to buy, easier to ship, establish quickly when planted and with a little extra care usually outgrow larger purchased plants within a few months.

Our packaging is designed only for tube stock and we have trialled many delivery methods before settling on the current methods.

Will you be adding magic beans to your products list?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we don’t stock magic beans. The government permissions are a nightmare, and Jack isn’t as generous as we’d all like to believe.

Now my plants have arrived, how do I best care for them?

Open the packaging immediately and check the order – are all the plants okay? If not, contact us as soon as possible so we can get the issue attended to. Occasionally there will be some soil that has dislodged from the tube – that’s quite okay and will not affect the plant. Replace the soil and water the plant.

Water all the plants as soon as possible and if you are growing them on into a larger container, use good quality potting mix. See our website for growing tips for each variety – plant each tube in an area that best suits the plant and mulch to protect the roots.

Optional; play a harp to your plants (well… it only counts if it’s played well), plants love harp. Sing to your plants (doesn’t have to be well, plants are famously non-judgemental). Show your plants your abstract art collection, plants love art. Introduce your plants to their neighbours, plants are very sociable.

Pro-tip: don’t sit on them. Also, don’t set them on fire.

How many plants do I need to order?

Our minimum order is one plant, but this becomes expensive to ship so most people order a full carton of 20 plants – it is the same shipping cost for the box irrelevant of how many plants up to 20 you are purchasing, so why not take advantage of the flat rate, it will end up being much cheaper per plant.

We offer completely free shipping for all orders $200 or more in product value, so big spenders get big rewards. We know, we’re wonderful.

I want to order a plant that is not currently showing as “in stock” – can you supply it?

If you’re willing to wait a couple of weeks, the answer is yes! (Definitely. Rootin’ tootin’ absolutely! Heck yes! Why yes, sir! Can the sun shine? Doth the moon glow?) We can often supply plants that we have run out of stock for. Usually it is a week or so before we restock any particular line as we source product from a number of reputable growers and they deliver on a two weekly cycle. Some of our plants are seasonal and we cannot supply them “out of season”.

I want to order a plant that is not on your website – can you source it for me?

We will endeavour to source varieties that we don’t usually stock if one of our growers has it available. Occasionally a plant can only be sourced from a few nurseries due to plant breeder’s rights (PBR) and we may not have a supplier agreement with them. We’re sad too, friend. We’ll endeavour to become more charming.

How many plants will I need for a hedge or ground cover?

Our website will have that information available for each individual variety. If a plant is listed as a hedging variety, it will also advise the best spacing to achieve a good amount of growth over a year, it is the same with ground cover plants. Each hedge height requirement will vary and the same with ground covers – some people want very quick coverage and are best to plant up to double the amount of plants recommended to achieve the desired result.

What species can I plant so it won’t affect the house or footpaths?

Please check our website as some trees and shrubs that we sell do have an invasive root structure and will cause damage to a building if planted too close to a structure. Yet another valid reason to not supply magic beans.

There is generally a safe way to judge how close to plant a tree to the house or building and that is to look at the maximum height and add 50%. For example, a tree is listed to grow 12 metres – add 50% (6m plus 12m = 18m) and this is as close as it should be to a building (18 metres in this example).

Also be aware of electrical and telecommunication wires – plant far enough away that it won’t interfere with them or choose a lower growing species. Trust us, you don’t want that drama.

Can I change my order once I have completed checkout?

No, once it’s gone, it’s gone! (C’est la vie!) The orders are processed very quickly (because we’re awesome) – usually the same day for all states. Please order carefully as we cannot accept returns due to biosecurity issues. If you are unsure about your order, create your login in the Divine Plants Online club and save your order in your cart – you can change anything until you complete checkout.

If I am looking for a particular plant, how can I search for it?

If you are unsure about what plants you would like to buy, under the Shop tab (on the main menu), you will see All Products, a category that contains all of our current products, ready for you to browse at your leisure. If you feel a little more confident in what you’re after, you can select from a number of available categories under the Shop tab, which give a little more specifics for you to begin your perusal. Alternatively, our website has a search engine which you can use to search our entire website for the particular plant you have in mind. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can send us an email, and we’ll let you know if we have it.

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