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Winter Survival Guide

By: Divine Plants Online

5 Jun 19

Winter Survival Guide

Don't let the cold weather get you down! Winter is an incredible time to prepare your garden for spring, and there's plenty of amazing options that offer cold-weather colour. Great gardeners don't hibernate in the winter, since when did you ever hear someone say what a great gardener a bear is? Exactly! (Bears are terrible gardeners. Everyone knows that.)

There’s a lot that the busy gardener can get on with during winter months!


Take advantage of the cooler months and get your shears out! This is the preferred time of year for pruning roses (unless you’re in a particularly frosty area). Early August is the best time for gardenias to be cut back. Grapes, wisteria and hydrangeas respond beautifully to a hard cut back at this time of year while they have no flowers.

When plants are bare, it is much easier to remove the dead growth, so get on it for stunning spring shoots! #prunersarewinners


An awful job while sweat runs down your back and your skin is in blisters, but it’s a lot more tolerable in the winter sun! Prepare your soil for new roses or fruit trees in the spring… dig compost or manure into the ground to enrich it in preparation. Rake up all the leaves, and pick up old sticks, twigs and bark.

Don’t forget to save the branches for your fires at night!

Work on your indoor plant game

During the winter months, work on your indoor plant game! There are endless gorgeous varieties that are perfect for planting out indoors. With the extra time, defy the elements and why not learn a new skill (with the countless resources available online) about keeping your indoor plants thriving?

We’ve just added an entirely new section to the website for your ease in browsing some of the new indoor plants we have available, but keep checking back because we are constantly adding new products!

See more: here

Aerate the grass

All this moisture is gorgeous for preparing your lawns for the warmer spring! Grab a garden fork or machined aerator to relieve the grass from the long, dry summer.

Carpe Diem!

Have you been thinking about a new pond? A new garden path? New tiered garden beds? This is the perfect time to take on some of those projects when you have a few weeks of winter sunshine. The weather is cooler, and it’s amazing for your health to still get outside. So there’s no time like the present to carpe diem your life!

Choose some winter colour warmers

Our gardens can look a little bland in the winter time, but there are plenty of winter colour options for foliage or cold-weather blooms! Take advantage of the grey season to have a look at the spots in your landscape that need a little splash of colour or added interest.

Check out some brightly coloured foliage and winter-flower ideas at our brand-spanking new Winter Colour Warmers page here

Plant care during the cooler months

  • Before it gets too cold, feed your plants well with some fertiliser to prepare them for the cooler weather

  • Move your more sensitive sallies and warmth lovers into more protected spots, like indoors, onto the veranda or into the patio for added protection from the elements

  • For cold-sensitive plants that cannot be relocated, erect simple frames around them that allow you to throw a cloth over them quickly and easily to protect them from the frosty cooler nights (Look at some ideas: here and here)

  • Take advantage of the cooler weather with your manual labour, and prepare your garden beds for spring planting (don’t forget, there are plenty of gorgeous winter veggies you can be planting or sowing at this time of year too!)

  • Look out for drainage issues in your garden, winter is the time when they will be exposed. It’s a great time of year to note them, to fix later on in the year when it’s drier

  • Don’t forget to reduce your watering or change your automatic sprinklers, when the temperatures are down low, so are their water requirements

While plant growth may slow in winter, it doesn't mean we have to slow down too! Keep your health and happiness levels up during the cooler months by staying active with your beloved plant babies. And we’re always here ready to share some of our plant-babies with you.

Happy wintering!

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